Performative Video 12 min. 2017 The performative video MILK was created during a residency at Pinea-Linea de Costa in the southern coastal town of Rota, Spain. I am seated in a tower once belonging to a convent that was the only built structure remaining after a tsunami devastated the town in the 1700’s. I chose… View Complete Post

6/2/17 (WINE)

Performative Video (live performance) 20 min. 2017 The video begins with a still image of two crystal vessels on the floor of a white space. The larger vessel is filled with a dark red wine. I am dressed in a draped white cloth and I enter from the left and slowly sits down behind the… View Complete Post


Live Performance 2.5 hrs. 2017 This performance took place at the Tbilisi History Museum as part of “Living Room III” during “Artisterium 10” in Tbilisi.  I was invited to work ‘in-situ’ responding to the site and collection.  Located on the top floor of the museum, I discovered a large flower pot filled with soil and… View Complete Post


Live Performance, 2 hrs. 2017 I performed LINE, a site-specific durational piece at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland, Maine.  Using the longest dimension of the building, I drew a straight line with sea salt from one end of the building to the other.  Starting at one end of the line, holding a… View Complete Post

(Stillness) 18

Live performance, 5 hrs. 2018 Susan Bickford’s collaborative performative project at the Joseph A. Fiore Art Center, Maine was an afternoon long experience composed of a slow walk across farmland with moments of sound (voice, cello), movement (pushing a cart, walking, dance), and spinning wool along the way, down to the shore of a lake… View Complete Post

The Farm Project

“The Farm Project” is the culmination of work that I started in 2013, when I began photographing farmers’ hands holding their soil and milk. I was interested in the idea that the soil, that which is essential and which is the beginning of all growth, and milk which feeds and nourishes, could be held in… View Complete Post


                                                                                                             … View Complete Post

  Collection (Sound), (detail), cloth, feathers, twine, 8″x8″x6″, 2012 View Complete Post