My studio practice involves a variety of media: drawing, fiber, installation, photography, video, performance.  Materials such as milk, sequins, rebar, soil, ash, cloth are selected for their tactile, formal and metaphoric possibilities.  I often choose the repetitive tasks of sewing, wrapping, cutting, piecing as they allow me to slow down, to labor, to quiet my mind.  My work explores interpersonal relationships and the ways in which we negotiate longing, loss, power, desire.  It moves in and out of the familiar/domestic into the uncanny/abstract, from the micro to macro, from the intimate to universal.  Using my own body I am both the creator and the created.  This opens up space to question my own experience of reality, the passage of time, and to relate to my experiences through my body.  Through the act of empathic witnessing, the viewer is also included in this transformational / experiential space.