The Farm Project

“The Farm Project” is the culmination of work that I started in 2013, when I began photographing farmers’ hands holding their soil and milk. I was interested in the idea that the soil, that which is essential and which is the beginning of all growth, and milk which feeds and nourishes, could be held in a tender gesture by the people who so lovingly work with and care for it. I feel a deep sense of connection to the land, which is the reason I have chosen to make rural Maine my home, and with this project I wish to pay homage to some of the stewards of that land.

In the winter of 2015, a meal prepared by Aragosta chef and owner Devin Finigan brought those farmers together to enjoy dishes consisting almost exclusively of foods grown and raised by them on the Blue Hill peninsula. I recorded that meal by embroidering on top of spills and stains on the 30 foot tablecloth used during the meal. With my labor, I acknowledge the labor of the farmers.

The final element of the project is a soil sculpture consisting of samples taken from each of the farms. It is both a literal and poetic bringing together of the farms I visited, in order to render a material monument to the shared vision of the farmers. It is the dirt itself, yet it symbolizes a community.

Andy, Horsepower Farm, Penobscot, Maine
Missy, Yellow Birch Farm, Deer Isle, Maine
Stained and Embroidered Tablecloth, 4’x30′
Detail, Tablecloth
Soil Block