Live Performance 2.5 hrs. 2017

This performance took place at the Tbilisi History Museum as part of “Living Room III” during “Artisterium 10” in Tbilisi.  I was invited to work ‘in-situ’ responding to the site and collection.  Located on the top floor of the museum, I discovered a large flower pot filled with soil and a tall thin pedestal within an arched alcove.  Thinking about the problematics of preservation, display, ritual, and the passage of time, I engaged with these ‘found’ materials, soil from the land, pedestal used for exhibitions yet seemingly abandoned. My objective was to move, with slow concentrated repeated movement,  all of the soil with my cupped hands, from the flower pot onto the pedestal; a caring, deliberate, yet futile gesture. Inevitably, the soil fell from the pedestal, spilling onto the floor creating a landscape of brown earth around the base of the pedestal and under my feet.  The archway framed the scene and I was dressed in a futuristic gold sequined suit and red plastic gloves.  I explored the expansion and contraction of time, shifting my perception of realty through presence.  Slowing down my own movements, heightening my awareness of body, breath, materials, sounds, light, etc. I brought the viewer along with me as they too slowed down to witness.  The performance ended when all of the soil had been moved out of the pot, onto the pedestal and floor.